Elven Exploration Group, LLC.

Session 31
Making New Friends

The adventurers awoke in their converted campsite to the sun spilling into the valley from the canyon walls above. A herd of eight goats wandered nearby in the early morning fog. Elgos took 3 of them back to the griffon’s roost on the west side of the valley. Meanwhile, Hen and Berfyr did their best to skin the goat and harvest a little meat. Anything other than goodberries at this point. Unfortunately, the monk and her warlock counterpart only managed to save about a pound of cookable flesh.

The group headed south-southwest to explore an open area of the valley floor, only to discover a group of aarakocra scouts hiding out in a makeshift camp. Through some inventive smoke-play, Berfyr was able to act as translator and learn of the creature’s purpose in the valley. The planar travelers are here seeking out a disturbance with the Elemental Evil. They’ve seen sacrifices taking place at Feathergale Spire and have witnessed pilgrims entering the gully in the northeast area of the valley.

Convinced the adventurers are not agents or pilgrims of the Elemental Evil, they join the group of in venturing back toward a known manticore lair. Although empty at first, the manticores inhabiting the cave return to trap the allied intruders.

Despite being cornered, the adventurers and the aarakocra fight their way out of the cave and return safely to the aarakocra camp.


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